vivo u-20 box since this is just a review unit we don't have the retail box packaging up front does Viva branding and the model name this is the 64 RAM storage variant taking a look at the sides we have the name up top and the IP logo at the bottom and finally the back we have some important specs mentioned and the sticker tells us that we have the blue glaze variant cool let's now flip open the unboxing knife slicing through the plastic wrap let's cut open the seal and remove the lid inside we have another white cardboard box that contains the sim ejector tool the Quick Start Guide along with the warranty card and then transparent soft plastic case setting these things aside let's now take a look at the u-20 itself getting it out and taking that plastic cover off first and there you have it the blue blaze vivo u-20 there's a slight S pattern going on with this gradient here the glossy plastic bag does look shiny and you could even say pretty let's turn it on put it in its case before it picks up smudges anything a branch like all other glossy box tend to so what else is in the box we have an 18 watt fast charger which is great but a micro USB cable which is again a letdown especially at the end of 2019 anyway that's it for the inbox contents let's now take a look at the phone itself the gradient design.

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Here is quite subtle the gold trim around the rear cameras feels like a nice touch, but we've seen all this before so it's not the freshest of designs in hand the u-20 feels nice and solid yep solid rather than hefty despite sporting a large five thousand-hour battery now that's because of the materials used vivo has managed to keep the weight under 200 grams though the u-20 is made out of plastic it doesn't feel like they've compromised on the build quality there's no squeaking creaking like we've seen on other phones like the n30 yes in this segment in fact the whole phone feels quite sturdy there's this ridge along the sides of the phone that gets the fingers a nice grip that plus the curved edges make for a nice in hand feel of course the six point five three inches displayed us make one-handed usage quite tough and I feel the fingerprint scanner is located just a little out of reach I found myself having to stretch a wee bit more than I wanted to hit that fingerprint scanner no such complaints with the button placements though the power and volume keys are located along the right side, and they both are nice and click the top is left empty and along the left we have the dual sim plus micro SD card slot there's even a little grommet on the SIM tray this is something that's fast becoming a standard on phones even in the budget segment and I'm really happy to see that it should help offer some sort of splash protection at least coming back to the placements we have the headphone jack the microphone a micro USB port and speaker here at the bottom to the front we've got the display and this is a vibrant IPS panel the resolution is full HD plus so the display itself it's detailed its sharp this support for wide one L one so no issues with streaming HD content from Netflix or Amazon Prime the colors and viewing angles are good to no one interesting thing here is that vivo has gone for panda glass protection on the u-20 instead of the usual gorilla glass we most claimed as that panda glass is tougher than both Gorilla Glass 3 and 5 and vivo is backing up these claims with because hardness test results the Panda 2 to 8 that they've used here on the u-20 it supposedly scores 700 whereas Gorilla Glass 3 scores 649 gorilla last five six 38 this is vivos claim is there more to the story have moved to say if I end up reviewing this phone now returning to the panel itself there's a tiny water drop match at top the bezel surrounding it a pretty slim so the movie watching experience should be good the single bottom firing speaker is decently loud now underneath the hood this phone is being powered by the Snapdragon 675 aie and that's paired with either four or six gigs of ram and 64 gigs of on-board storage jovi vivos in-house AI is also present in here it powers several smart scene features along with image recognizer and the AI based camera features now when it comes to performance that's not dragon 675 manages to keep everything running smoothly footage OS is pretty well optimized by itself and in the time that we spent with the device we didn't notice any major lag or stutter everything from opening up abs to multitasking it felt fast and fluid when it comes to gaming we have the Adreno 612 GPU here and as we've seen before on many phones it can handle most games even the graphically demanding titles reasonably good the other game mode also returns and works along with multi turbo functionality to provide to make for a better gaming experience since we're already on the topic of software let's take a quick look at frontage OS now the thing that makes vivos custom skin so unique is that it borrows heavily from iOS in certain aspects like the control center it comes it pops up from the bottom however it is still built on Android 9 pi and if you dig into the settings you'll find all the usual stuff plus a few extra features like for example the dynamic effects it lets us change everything from animations to the look of how icons line up once the screen is unlocked and then there are the smart motions that are basically on-screen gesture shortcuts we can use them to say open the camera app then there are air motions it feels kind of gimmicky but I guess if you can't touch your phone for some reason and you want to check out if you have any new notifications then it might actually come in handy so lots of unique little features that vivo has crafted into frontage OS as far as biometrics go we have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner as well as face unlock both seem to work pretty well I must mention that the battery on the u-20 it is a five thousand milliamp hour unit and given my past experience with the z1 pro I expect the battery life here to be excellent Vigo has also included their 18 watt dual-engine fast charger in the box so even if the u-20 does at some point run out of charge topping it off is gonna be fast and easy now the microUSB port here is a bummer definitely but for what it's worth vivo has included reverse charging so you can use the u-20 as a power bank to juice up your other devices if you want to know finally we come to optics we have a triple camera array here so let's start with the primary 16 megapixel camera and then good on the list one by one now we are used to seeing 48 megapixel cameras everywhere so at first 16 megapixels it might sound a bit underwhelming but under bright sunlight it manages to take great pictures the dynamic range is good zoom in and you can see the details in the petals of this flower the F 1.8 lens gives a good amount of natural bokeh or background blurring you can see that in this image we also have a dedicated night mode the pictures seem promising I'll have to spend more time with this before drawing definite of conclusions but initial impressions seems good the second shooter is an 8 megapixel sensor would they have to point to wide-angle lens the dynamic range here is a little worse and some pictures did come out looking a bit dark but that could also be due to the heavy cloud cover we had while shooting this, and he actually zooms into these pictures they kind of start to fall apart pretty quickly but as is the 8 megapixel camera gets a very wide 120 degree field of view and the pictures are good enough for social media the last sensor at the 2 megapixel macro and it can take shots like these they certainly aren't the sharpest pictures out there, but they don't allow you to get really close and capture some interesting perspectives the rear cameras also come with a portrait mode the edge deduction isn't all that great especially around the years, but we go dust throw in a variety of effects as well as beauty modes here these same effects are also usable with the front camera and in the 16 megapixel selfie snapper it takes really good-looking pictures you can zoom in and see the texture of a skin and what's more surprising the edge detection actually seems better with selfies now finally we get a pricing well we don't have any official confirmation about the price as of right now as when I'm shooting this video but going the past track record we expect the u-20 to be priced around the ten to twelve thousand rupee mark at that price it should give everything from the red means and really means a run for the money so what do you guys think of the u-20 by the time you are watching this video you will be knowing the pricing so what do you think of it