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New MacBook Pro of course I'm very interested in the new keyboard design because I have problems with the old one I have a huge stack of laptops over here get ready for a mega keyboard comparison this is the base model six core 512 gigs of storage the spec right there of my exact model of course it's in the Space Gray and obviously it's a premium laptop no matter which specification you go for it is a bit bigger than the old version measuring at 16 inches they apparently also improved the sound that is a thick box Jack I just want you to know there's a little extra there bro boost ah ladies and gentlemen welcome to your Apple unboxing experience.

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 it's very it's very that's a two thousand dollar sound will can't afford that it's at least two grand for that sound it's a tiny bit fatter and it's a tiny bit heavier correct me if I'm wrong we'll also it comes with a bigger charger or at least a more capable one this is now a 96 watt by the way this is like a paper now that used to be a plastic that's got something to it type-c connector on this side over here this is a 2 meter type-c cable so you get a little bit of reach away from the power adapter it also removed this piece and put your own extension in there it's a little pro tip stickers as usual I know you're big fan of the stickers will ooh these are different ok so here we are for the old 15-inch MacBook Pro hmm it's a tiny bit fatter you see that jack little edge there a little more depth like this you see the how that shoots out right there a tiny bit as far as the ports are concerned it's identical to type-c connectors on the right hand side with the headphone jack you spin it around it's 2 more type-c connector so a lot of people they had their requests with this particular device they were saying maybe Apple was gonna give us an SD card reader they didn't do that so it's all type C you're still living in dongle land no versatility in the port department it's the same as the old generation alright let's flip this baby open you pull the paper from the display and it kicks on because Apple knows the experience no power button necessary the touch bar no longer extends all the way across the touch bar on the older model extends the entire length of the keyboard a fingerprint scanner on the far right hand side which also acts as your power switch on the new model it is a dedicated key on its own so it should be a little easier to distinguish has a dedicated escape key in actual physical Escape key whereas you only had the virtual Escape key on the touch bar version what do you think will you be using a MacBook Pro for a long time are you happy to have the physical Escape key do you really care I do I do like it it's also you can tell right away it's slightly less low profile and we expected that because of course we no longer have the butterfly mechanisms in here so there was the word that there was gonna be a really aggressive screen to body ratio yes it's an improvement over the previous version but it's not some crazy overhaul it's obviously more iterative in almost every way this sort of sort of seems like the old one and then the changes are kind of more subdued there under the surface they also said they reworked the audio track pad as far as I'm concerned still pretty much best in a business you have this giant glass trackpad super precise this is still the top tier as far as I'm concerned the keyboard it's been the topic of conversation I personally have had I'd have had failure in the butterfly keys which is on more than one model this keyboard on a new 16 obviously there's more travel here than the butterfly keys which you're kind of more aware of having hit a switch with the butterfly you relied a lot on the clicking noise some people liked it Willy do doesn't mind clacking over there he's clacking all day so we'll do a clock test right now I'll show you okay this is a clock this is a thud yes so the volume level just went down some people care about this because Google made a big deal about it on their latest device the pixel book go so let's do a comparison to that right now obviously the old MacBook Pro is very loud here's pixel book ooh okay okay so the the MacBook is still louder yeah the MacBook has a thumper to it I don't think anyone's gonna complain about the noise level of either of these obviously but it's worth mentioning it's worth trying the motivation for changing back is obviously durability because there were so many issues with the butterfly mechanisms this is the latest generation MacBook Air this is the famous one from the video in which I believe I was getting II of getting the letter e I was getting double e's I was in the double e's oh now this one and it was quieter but this one failed on me within a week and a half maybe two weeks now funny enough I brought one more laptop here just to compare with this real quick the new surface laptop three because I think the implementation could press it's very similar at this point for what it is for something this streamlined at this profile this surface laptop 3 is a very rewarding keyboard to work on and I'm putting this new MacBook Pro keyboard in the same wheelhouse this spacebar on the surface laptop 3 s got a little more volume to it so couple comparisons aside let's take a closer look at this laptop we got a few more pixels on the display obviously there's more room to work with there how many nits are we working with here we'll same as the old one 500 nits kind of a fan of the new wallpapers as well let's go ahead launch a browser here and first we'll do some dialog then I'll do some music Pro 16 okay coming at ya okay Ram you can take up to 64 gigabytes which is actually an increase over the previous pixel density didn't change that much it went from 220 to 226 it's a nice rich audio it's not stupid loud or anything but it's got some low end to it she's have a long meet together we just have a a moment to dis appreciate technology. I'm happy with the speakers all right here is the first audio test of the new studio microphone inside of the MacBook Pro 16 will it sound even better than our actual studio audio better than you would normally get on a laptop so like the webcam quality's not it's not really there it's very grainy now granted there's not much room to work in the bezel of a laptop the audio here is also gonna be improved if it's using the same techniques and the same hardware in the same processing that it did within the voice memo then you could have a real mobile video update studio maybe on the next one that could be really interesting if you could put a decent quality webcam in conjunction with that audio performance now for a lot of people they could film a quick video right there all right now let's type a little bit more on this keyboard we gotta get to the bottom of that I only had one error in here I hit an old before an R over there I think people can be satisfied with this keyboard I don't think anyone's gonna miss the butterfly thing as much as will might like clacking around on it just because there's that thing in the back of your head especially if you've been around a lot of these systems or you've seen them failed there's this thing in the back your head where you're questioning the reliability based on other people's experiences or even your own even yours comes and goes it failed for a little bit and then I guess whatever dust was in there got dislodged and it started working again but you never know that particular design has had its issues this is evidence of that obviously you can spec it out with tremendous hardware all the way up 8 gigs of video RAM 8 TB storage 6100 USD I think it might be a little bit overkill for the average person at that price point now the last comparison I want to do is to the current laptop that I'm using I'll just recap the back story I was using MacBook Pros well even before that man power books I was using power books will my first Apple laptop was a 12-inch PowerBook how crazy as that so that's how far back I was using Apple laptops and every single power book generation from there up until the current MacBook Pro I was using as my daily laptop so but when they started to fail a little bit on the keyboards I opened my eyes a little bit to the wide variety of Windows laptops but the main thing was dis right here this stinkin keyboard all day its confidence-inspiring it's a wonderful time if you get a chance to type on something like this you see what's possible if you give up a little bit on the profile if you're willing to take something a little chunkier so this unit I'm using SD card slot to traditional USB ports you flip around to the other side you've got two more types II Thunderbolt threes a full size HDMI port an Ethernet breakout and a headphone jack so there's other things you get that are kind of nice to have in a pro-style laptop that Apple has basically said look we've gone beyond it or past it now so I'll probably throw this on the desk for a bit see where we're at see how I adapt and this is one of those rare cases where it really feels like Apple's listening I mean maybe it's becoming less rare well where it feels like Apple is paying attention to the noise on the internet we can say goodbye to a technology in the case of the butterfly key switches that we developed that we made a big show about we can put it down and move on even if that means going back to the old land and basically admitting that it didn't work out and I think that's actually a good move for a tech company yeah let's cater to the users.

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