Motivation क्या है ? || किसी को आसानी से Motivate कैसे करें ?

Motivation क्या है?

In the current era, we live in, motivation is immensely necessary for our routine life.

The word motivation has been derived from the Latin word 'motive'. A MOTIVE is basically defined as the combination of thought, feeling or condition that causes one to act.
MOTIVE may be for a short period of time or maybe for a long period of time depends upon time to time or work to work.

Meaning Of Motivation!

Motivation refers to be inspired to do something. It means it is that kind of inner force that provides energy to a man to do a particular task.

Motivation also means achievement towards the goals.

It is an internal factor that directs, arouses, integrates the behavior of an individual.

According to SAGE, " THE DRIVE TO STRIVE" is called MOTIVATION.

Motivation is one of the main psychological factors which affects performance.

Types of motivation :

1. Intrinsic Motivation
It is a kind of motivation which is internal in nature. Motivation is always internal when the force comes from within oneself. It happens when the people are compelled to do something out of pleasure, importance or desire.
It further includes three subcategories which are as -

• Intrinsic motivation to know, i.e. athlete takes part in the activity for the pleasure and satisfaction they got in exploring, learning, or trying to understand something new.

• Intrinsic motivation towards accomplishment where the athletes want to show their mastery over the skill i.e. shows their accomplishment.

• Intrinsic motivation to experience stimulation, when athletes take part in any event, game or sports for experiencing the excitement and other stimulating sensations.

2. Extrinsic Motivation
It is a kind of motivation that is external in nature. It occurs when external factors compel the person to do something. Motivation is always external, when external forces, positive or negative produce a behavioral change. External motivation can be known by observation. When an athlete is competing, some goals or rewards might result from his performance, he can be said to be externally motivated.
For example -  to praise someone, blame to someone , reward in many forms, punishment may be minimal, cash prize, etc.

Techniques of Motivation 

There are various techniques of motivation which can be classified into various types - 


• Provide successful experience 

• Develop interest 

• Set realistic goals

• Acceptance of praise and criticism 

• Develop a sense of responsibility.


• Recognition 

• Attention

• Prizes

• Money

• Position or status

• Expectation of others 

• Scholarships.

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